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The preparations are recommended for strengthening the immune system during periods of increased viral infections.

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The preparations are recommended for strengthening the immune system during periods of increased viral infections. The herbs it contains have antiviral properties. In addition, they provide cell protection and support the proper functioning of the lymphatic system. For the full effect, it is recommended to use a set of 3 tinctures:

  • CV Formula 1 (100 ml) mixture of herbs: Chinese skullcap, Isatis, Kudzu and Licorice
  • CV Formula 2 (100 ml) herbal blend: Cordyceps, Chinese Angelica, Rhodiola and Astragalus
  • CV Formula 3 (100 ml) herbal blend: Salvia miltiorrhiza, Gallium aparine and Bidens pilosa.

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rating 10
Monitor your blood pressure
My mother developed a severe case of Covid being also hospitalized. After the pulmonary and heart were already affected she said that CV 1 seems to increase her blood-pressure, so she stopped taking anymore CV1. On the contrary, my brother, who take care of my mother and have a medium case o Covid disease said that Formula CV3 was very good when his blood pressure was not stabilized. So, you must monitor the blood pressure. Overall all the products are of good quality and the speed of shipping was very good.
rating 10
CV formula
Super działanie. MAm ogólnie syoką odpornośc ale złapał mnie wirus i po 4 dniach wszsytko przeszło.\r\nPolecam!!! Szczególnie przy osłabionej odporności.
rating 10
Damit ist man perfekt gerüstet für die kommende Grippe-Saison!