About us

Lymeherbs was created for people suffering from Lyme disease who are looking for reasonable alternatives in their fight with the disease.


We have made every effort to provide a wide range of herbs and natural products that are used in the treatment of Lyme disease. Herbs offered by us are of high quality and come from reliable manufacturers.


Our goal is also to spread the knowledge about the healing properties of herbs and the natural therapies for treatment of Lyme disease. Herbal protocols, such as Buhner's protocol, offer new hope to many people to whom conventional treatment has not helped.



Brand products sold on our website:


Plum Flower® brand products are high quality herbs produced by Mayway Corp. Mayway is a family business that has been importing and distributing traditional Chinese medicine since 1969. The company has a certificate of good manufacturing practice (GMP) and its products do not contain sulfur dioxide which affects the quality of the herbs. Products of high purity are subjected to quality control and lab testing. Plum Flower® brand is one of the brands recommended by Stephen Buhner.


Kardenshop Naturprodukte is a German manufacturer of products derived from Teasel root. The products of Kardenshop Naturprodukte company come from biologically controlled farming and possess certificate Demeter (brand for products from Biodynamic Agriculture). The company specializes in manufacturing high quality products with Teasel root based on the recipe of Wolf-Dieter Storl. Carefully produced extracts and tinctures are extremely rich in active plant substances and essential oils, and extremely well absorbed by the human body.


Raintree Formulas is an American manufacturer of organic dietary supplements. The herbs used in their products are wild crafted and sustainably harvested by the indigenous people of the Amazon Rainforest. Raintree Formulas have a certificate of good manufacturing practice (GMP). It's Cat’s claw is recommended by Stephen Buhner.

Eclectic Institute Inc.  is an American company founded in 1982. It offers a wide range of high quality organic herbal extracts. The raw materials used  for the production of extracts come from certified organic farming. Eclectic Institute's products are free of GMOs and do not contain cereals, soy and dairy products. Eclectic Institute is one of the brands recommended by Stephen Bühner.

Puritan's Pride® is an American producer and distributor of dietary supplements. The raw materials used for the production of Puritan's Pride® brand supplements are of highest quality. Puritan's Pride® products are manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).


G. Baldwin & Co. is one of the oldest dried herbs supplier in the UK, founded in 1844. The company offers a wide range of high quality herbs and herbal extracts. G. Baldwin & Co.  is one of the largest suppliers of herbs in the UK which has outstanding reputation.

JustIngredients Ltd. is a supplier of dried herbs, extracts and spices on the British and European markets. The company offers high-quality certified products which are free from GMOs. Jusingredients Ltd. has a certificate of good manufacturing practice (GMP).


Curesupport BV is a Dutch company whose main focus is development, production and sales of high-quality food supplements. All its products have been clinically tested or are currently under testing.

Mushrooms4life® brand are high quality products manufactured by the British company Pure Health Ltd. For their production are used organic, certified medicinal mushrooms. Mushrooms4life® products are all natural and free from pollution and manufactured in compliance with GMP.


Pure Health Ltd is a British company, founded in 1997. The company offers high quality organic certified plants and medicinal mushrooms. 


Groupe PiLeJe is a French company, founded in 1991. PiLeJe offers only products of natural origin at doses consistent with the daily needs of the human body and characterized by an optimal assimilation of the gastrointestinal tract.

Xi'an Pengtime Corporation is a Chinese company that provides high quality raw herbs and plant extracts. It offers a wide range of herbs, plant extracts and organic food. Pengtime Corporation supplies primarily the American, European and Australian markets as well as northern Asia region. The company meets the highest quality standards, including a certificate of good manufacturing practice (GMP) and HACCP.

Zelang Group was founded in 2004 and currently operates mainly on Chinese and Unites States' markets. The company offers wide range of raw herbs and herbal extracts which are used in Food, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetic industries. Zelang Group cooperates  with China Pharmaceutical University  and Nanjing University Of Medicine for developing extraction and testing processes. Many of its products have CERES certificate for environmental standards.


Nature's AnswerTM is an American producer of dietary supplements founded in 1972. It produces  high quality organic products in accordance with GMP.


Gold Gryphon® herbs are carefully selected high-quality products manufactured by Mayway Corp. in accordance with the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Gold Gryphon® brand products are subjected to quality control and laboratory testing.


Herbalveda is a British supplier of herbs and herbal products. All products are high quality, free from artificial additives and subjected to quality control. The company operates on the UK market since 2001.


Myrro Tea & Herbs Company  is a Greek distributor of herbs and teas based in Crete. Its products are high quality herbs growing in natural climate and completely free from contamination.


Now Foods ® is an American manufacturer and distributor of dietary supplements. The company operates since 1948 and it is one of the leaders on the market. The products of Now Foods ®  are produced according to the highest standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Swanson Health Products is an American manufacturer and distributor of dietary supplements founded in 1969. The company is the largest privately held vitamin catalog retailer in the US. Its products are manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). 

CapsulCN International CO.LTD is a leading manufacturer of empty gelatin capsules. The company operates since 1993. CapsulCN International CO.LTD meets all quality standards in the production of empty capsules.  Gelatin capsules are made with gelatin of pharmaceutical quality and has certificate confirming that the animal material from which they are produced is free from BSE.


Capsule Connection  is an American company that specializes in production and distribution of capsule filling machines and empty capsules. The company was founded in 1973. The products of Capsule Connection meet all quality requirements set by the US Food and Drug Administration for repeated contact with food and the regulations established by the US The National Sanitation Foundation for use in drinkable water.


Zakład Konfekcjonowania Ziół "Flos" is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies with herbal profile in Poland, founded in 1988. Its products range includes dried herbs, herbal remedies, diet supplements, herbal cosmetics and medical products. The company meets the standards of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices - Principles of Good Manufacturing Practice) and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice - Good Laboratory Practice.)


FORMEDS Sp. z o.o. specializes in the production of dietary supplements in pure powder form with no added preservatives, colors and sweeteners. It offers natural, effective and safe products. The entire production process is in accordance with HACCP system. The raw materials used for the production of its products are sourced from reputable European suppliers.

Ekogram Zielonki is a Polish importer of dried fruit, nuts, herbs and cereal products. The company was founded in 1996. Ekogram Zielonki is known on the Polish market with a wide range of products coming from organic farming.


EkaMedica operates on the Polish market since 2001. The company produces and distributes natural products. All products are produced according to strict standards, without the addition of preservatives. Its products are suitable for diabetics.  EkaMedica is a member of Polish Herbal Medicine and Drug Store Chamber.


Bamer is a Polish company which offers a 100% natural, pure essential oils and perfumes. It operates on the market since 1993. The company meets the GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practices - Principles of Good Manufacturing Practice) and complies with the latest Pharmacopoeia Ph. Eur. and IFRA. Its products has positive opinion of the PHZ (Polish National Institute of Hygiene).


Profarm produces pharmaceuticals registered by the Minister of Health and Social Welfare – dermatological, rheumatologic and inhalatory medicines – that can be purchased in all pharmacies in Poland. The company has been operating in the pharmaceutical market since 1990. In 1998 it was granted pharmaceutical production license by the Minister of Health and Social Welfare. Profarm has certificate for  compliance with GMP standard.


Aromatika is a distributor of natural essential oils. Products are 100% natural, without preservatives, dyes that reinforce their natural scent. The methods for obtaining the oils retain the natural minerals, vitamins and other compounds contained in the original composition of the plants.