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Package Ehrlichia (Anaplasma) 1:2 (100ml)

Package Ehrlichia (Anaplasma) 1:2 (100ml)

Buhner’s protocol for Ehrlichia (Anaplasma):
  • HS Herbal Mix  1:2 (100ml) (Lymeherbs)
  • CKC Herbal Mix 1:2 (100ml) (Lymeherbs)
  • ALA Herbal Mix 1:2 (100ml) (Lymeherbs)
  • Ashwagandha 1:2 (100ml) (Lymeherbs)
  • Quercetin, 120 capsules (Nutramedix)
  • Milk Thistle, 200mg, 180 capsules (Lymeherbs)
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